Bar Masters training is a full comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know to walk into any bartender or Cocktail Server interview with confidence! We should know, how? We’ve been in the Nightclub, Bar & Restaurant business for more than 30 years and we have interviewed & taught literally thousands of people young and old, looking to break in to this fun and exciting career. This training will take you from the very beginning teaching you bar lingo, glassware, garnishes and more, then we’ll take you step by step through different types of alcohol, how they’re made and why, including Vodkas, Gin, Rum, Whiskies, Tequila, liqueurs, wine, Champagnes and finally Beers. But you won’t just read a ton of information, we’ve included videos, interactive flashcards, quizzes and lots of pictures so you’ll know exactly how things work in a fun, engaging way! What’s more is this site will constantly evolve and be updated with all the latest information, tips and tricks to getting you where you want to go. We hope you’ll join us!