How long will the course take?

Well that all depends on you! If you’re a steady reader and you work straight through, the course should take you about 6 hours. But if you take your time (which we recommend), and do one full lesson plus quiz until you completely understand the material, then it will obviously take a little bit longer.

What do I get with the course?

You’ll get 4 full trainings! Alcohol, Wine, Champagne & craft beer/IPA. In addition you’ll get Alcohol awareness training to teach you what pitfalls to look out for. You’ll also get a resume template, and full set of printable flashcards to study your recipes with. Finally upon completion of your exam you will receive a printable certificate with your name to take with you on your interviews.

Do you have job assistance?

We are able to offer a job posting board and very soon a full industry blog to share ideas with fellow members.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have plenty of time! Your course will be available for a full 6 months! The full course should not take more than 6-8 hours to complete so you’ll have plenty of time to work through it.

How old do you have to be to be able to become a bartender?

Well that depends on where you live they age requirements range from 18 yo to 21 yo check with your state laws.

I want to be a bottle server or cocktail waitress, will this course help me?

Absolutely!!! Bottle servers and Cocktails servers in most nightclubs need to know as much as the bartender does!

Do I need a license to become a bartender?

No, you do not need to be licensed to be a bartender. The information you receive here in this course and the certificate provided will be enough knowledge to get your career started provided you learn all the materials. The certificate alone will not get you the job as most Nightclubs and Bars will test you.

Why should I take this course through Bar Masters Training instead of another website?

Great and Valid question! I the developers of this training have been in the Nightlife industry by owning and operating Nightclubs, Bars and Restaurants and we’ve trained literally thousands of people in the industry, therefore we know exactly what you need to know and how to teach it.

How much money can I make as a Bartender or Bottle Server?

How much money you can make is up to you! Being good at your job and which type of establishment you choose to work in. I personally know people who currently make from $150 a day to more than $500 a day and everything in between. Really the sky is the limit.

What can I do if I have additional questions?

You can email us at